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Structural engineer London

Structural engineer London- London Architect has a qualified structural engineer team in London with more than ten years of experience. Our family-run business provides a complete “London Structural Engineer” service, including survey reports and structural calculations in London. Our dedicated team is available to work on your project from start to finish, working closely with our in house architects, site contractors and inspectors to ensure timely delivery.

Our structural designs and calculations are performed according to the latest Building Regulations Structure requirements across London and beyond. As London structural engineers, we oversee all aspects of structural designs for both residential and commercial projects. After a free initial consultation, our team will pay you a site visit, where we will provide a quote on the spot and offer very reasonable turnaround times.

Our structural engineers in London are always happy to discuss your residential or commercial structural requirements and provide a free, no-obligation quote after conducting a site survey.

Structural engineer London

Book a Structural Engineer in London – How does it work?

We pride ourselves in offering a straightforward and hassle-free service as your structural engineer in London, which starts with a site visit.

The purpose of an initial visit and survey is to obtain as much information as possible on your structural proposal and develop a detailed report on the current state of the property or building. Once we have the necessary information, we’ll email you the full report and mail it to you in hard copy format, including everything from the project’s demands and requirements to proposed timeframes and any constraints (if at all).

Next comes the preliminary project planning, where your London structural engineer will overlay the initial drawings with the required structural drawings. It’s merely a preliminary draft to help you see what the final project may look like. We’ll liaison with all the architects, contractors and local authorities to cover all the aspects.

The next stage is to develop finalised designs and drafting packages, where we invite your input and would gladly make any changes you require. Our team will carry out immaculately accurate structural calculations for your London project, which also meet the necessary building regulation requirements.

Finally, we will submit the structural design, drawings and rafting to your Building Control officer, obtaining highly competitive quotes from building control surveyors and contractors (if required to perform general property and boundary line surveys). Once all parties are in agreement, construction will commence.

Structural engineer London

The importance of Accurate Structural Calculations in London

Here at London Architect , we would be happy to partner with you from day one to ensure the highest standards throughout. Having years of experience as a structural engineer in London, where we have successfully developed and delivered structural systems for various builds, we can use our expertise to advise you on everything from the suitable building materials to choosing the right contractors.

Since the structure of a building is directly responsible for forming its backbone or ‘skeleton’ so to speak, it is downright critical that accurate structural calculations in London are made to avoid any problems, particularly those which pose safety risks, throughout the course of the building’s intended life. And no matter what kind of project you have in mind, be it extensions, lofts or new builds, our experience and expertise as a London structural engineer ensures that you have the most accurate drawings and calculations to ensure top-notch stability, reliability and safety.

It must also be noted that structural engineering and structural calculations in London go hand in hand – they are a vital part of the design and construction stage. Every building structure must meet a specific set of criteria to meet the conditions or underlying requirements for which you intend to build them. This means coming up with the most accurate structural calculations in London as everything starts from the foundation – the starting point for any stable and secure structure – leading up to the roof structure, which must be robust enough to withstand not just daily wear and tear, but also a variety of weather elements.

Structural engineer London

Even though you may be compelled to undertake additions or alterations to your building but without an experienced London structural engineer coming up with accurate calculations, you may run into unnecessary trouble – the building may not only be potentially unsafe but also lead to severe financial loss somewhere down the line.

Whether the project revolves around a home extension, loft conversion or any commercial/residential structure – every structure demands a specific load-bearing capacity, and this is where structural calculations in London come into play. Furthermore, load-bearing walls are usually tricky to remove or alter, but with precise structural calculations, you’ll save yourself lots of time and money.

Structural engineer London

Structural alterations to your building require Building Control approval, and this can especially prove very useful at the time of a sale; it proves to the buyer that your building complies with the necessary building standards. Our structural engineer in London will bear the responsibility of liaising with the private building inspector or council inspector so that your project’s structural calculations in London can be approved without delays.

If you have a team of architects and party wall surveyors working with you, then our London structural engineer will collaborate with them to have an accurate idea of the requirements and make adjustments to ensure that the final design meets the criteria of everyone involved.

Structural engineer London

Work with us as your Structural Engineer in London.

From beautiful single and double-storey extensions to traditional home extensions, London Architect is known for delivering results on time and within budget every time. The quality of our structural engineering and calculation services are evident from day one.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you as a London structural engineer, we would be pleased to accommodate your project requirements in any way we can.

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